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37,00 EUR*
Details Naturalism in Mathematics

Naturalism in Mathematics Set theory has rendered the notion of self-evident truths to be obsolete in mathematics. Penelope Maddy examines this dilemma using the minimum of technical jargon. Set theory is explained in a manner that can be understood ...

16,99 EUR*
Details Wedge of Truth: Splitting the Foundations of Naturalism

The Wedge of Truth Phillip E. Johnson highlights the deficiencies in science and the philosophy (naturalism) that undergirds and outlines a cognitive revolution. Full description

94,58 EUR*
Details Modernism and Naturalism in British and Irish Fiction, 1880–1930

This book argues that the history of literary modernism is inextricably connected with naturalism. Simon Joyce traces a complex response among aesthetes to the work of Emile Zola at the turn of the century, recovering naturalism's assumed ...

78,49 EUR*
Details Relativistic Naturalism: A Cross-Cultural Approach to Human Science

Relativistic Naturalism Proposes a new set of disciplines for a human science, based on a relativistic view of knowledge and a naturalist view of human nature. The author addresses the major current issues in the philosophy of social science and ...